Teaching Beliefs

As an educator what are some of the core beliefs that guide the way you think about your students and teaching, that guide how you plan and teach? What are the core values that guide your thoughts and actions?

I believe ....
  • the most important skill I can teach my students is to be self-determining - all else, and all knowledge follows
  • that all children begin life with a great need and drive to learn about their world
  • that therefore as an educator I have a great responsibility to keep this drive alive.
  • that teaching is the practice of the art and craft of connection and communication
  • that I must love what I teach because students just know when you do and 'catch' it
  • that I can never be done learning - there are many more techniques and strategies to learn
  • that I must invite students to determine their own path as learners
  • that I must accept that not all students will want to walk the path I deem necessary, at the time I think they should